In Bloom Beppu to introduce funny spots within a thousand step spheres and restaurants that are loved from the local original guide map Take the SENPO card (information card) you are interested in and pick up the map with your hand and let's go!


Search by smaho! It is an important point to dare to take analog maps (paper)!

In case

I do not give priority to efficiency, but I occasionally get lost and enjoy the atmosphere of the city that I usually do not pass through ...


You should be touched by the pleasure and nice encounters when you can find the spot waiting ahead. You can of course notice the large sightseeing facilities, but would you like to take a more local trip to Deep?


The impression of your Beppu will surely change and you will definitely want to come back to this city again and again!


I am convinced that this project will be a bridge between travelers and local Beppu

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The display disappears by clicking.

By clicking on details, you can check the contents in the popup.


〒874-0931 大分県別府市西野口町1-19


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