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Traffic access to In Bloom Beppu

“In Bloom Beppu” is a small inn which renovated and regenerated an old private house.

It is a five-minute walk of Oyama Street along the moutain from the JR Beppu Station west entrance.

〒874-0931 大分県別府市西野口町1-19


When you come by car

  • Approximately 13 minutes by car from Oita Expressway/Beppu IC.

​Coming by public transportation

  • JUsing the JR line: 5 minutes on foot from Beppu station west entrance.

  • Using the airways: 40 minutes by car from Oita airport bus (About five minutes from Kitahama bus stop by car).

  • Using ships: Approximately 10 minutes by car from Beppu Tourist Port.

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