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About In Bloom Beppu

“Beppu? Oh, the city famous with its Onsen, isn’t it?”

The most famous city of Onsen in the world, not just Japan.

No one recognizes the deeper attraction of the city.

Behind its stereotype everyone knows

The charm hides in the daily life 

Talking with the local residents at the public bath

Interesting communication at the shop

Listening to the voice telling about culture and tradition

If you were able to feel the kindness of the attractive people

And the local and foreign share an unforgettable encounter

Your trip should be a wonderful memory.

Staying at big tourist sites and inns might be good 

Why don’t we have a trip that tells you the deeper charm of this city?

There is no doubt about you being strongly attracted to this city!


“Interpreting Beppu just as a capital of Onsen is an big mistake.

This is same to traveling all the way to Beppu and peeking at it only a bit.”

This is a phrase spoken 80 years ago from now. (From Professor of Kyoto University Tetsutaro Sekuguchi’s Big Beppu Park Project)

Beppu faces the sea, has a mountain, not just the Onsen, and overall forms a fan with many slopes.


Thanks to the rich nature and blessed environment, the Beppu station Nishiguchi area was adored by the merchants around the country, and formed unique villa culture.


In BloomBeppu, a 80 years old villa architecture, infers such history

Lately, also in this city, because of the affection of urban development, the traditional townscapes are been replaced by the newest buildings, pursuing convenience.

We want to leave those heritages as a treasure of Beppu, even a little, for the future generations.

We want many people to know and feel about the history and culture created in this town by offering services in the shape of a small inn.

And deliver the voices of pleasure back to the local residents.

There is nothing makes us so happy than many people being a fan of Beppu and sharing there memories.

In Bloom Beppu Host Jyunya Hanada

What is a “Guesthouse”?

A “Guesthouse” is a hotel without amenity service but self-service for a lower fee to stay.

Also, as a big feature, sharing baths, toilets, and kitchens and more enables creating place of communication.

In our guesthouse, guests can use the kitchen and the refrigerator to cook for yourself.

You can eat and drink at the free space, please spend a relaxing time.

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